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United States

    Entertainment Weekly:

    "Richard is TV Gold."

    FOX Sports:

    "Richard Rubin was a joy to have on the television screen."

    Las Vegas Sun:

    "He’s winning raves for his wacky, offbeat performances…"

    Buffalo News:

    "He makes Jerry Lewis at his zaniest look like Cary Grant at his suavest…"

    New York Times:

    "The cameras couldn't resist training on Rubin…Richard Rubin stole the WB's so-called 'social experiment' with his endearing, neurotic nerdiness."

    New York Observer:

    "The breakout star of the show is undoubtedly Richard…with a bug-like body and a hyperkinetic energy that alternately amuses and infuriates everyone else staying in the mansion…Richard hams mercilessly for the camera…He's fabulous! Fabulous!"


    "The cast standout is Richard…who hams it up like an unsexed Woody Allen…"

    Sacramento Bee:

    "The star of the whole thing tonight is Richard, who is some combination of a young Don Knotts and Woody Allen when he was funny. Richard is all rubber-legged and self-effacing and completely missing the gene that tells you how to act in public. He is also so earnest and pessimistic at once that you ache for him…"

    Star Magazine:

    "The white Urkel…"

    Orlando Sentinel, Wisconsin State Journal:

    "Zany, excitable Richard looks like a cross between Jerry Seinfeld and Don Knotts…"

    Jerusalem Post:

    "Richard's got it all…"

    KSHB-TV Kansas City:

    "Richard moves as if his arms are made of elastic…"

    "With his manic, goofy personality, Rubin has become the show's poster boy…"

    Washington Post:

    "Richard, a standout among the geeks, resembles a young Woody Allen when the filmmaker actually was funny."



    "The last element of the game is 'The Master', a sort of judge in charge of selecting the words, responding to the questions of the contestants, and forming colorful hints. The person who does this is a small nerd from New Jersey named Richard Rubin…Peña was very funny, making a good team with 'The Master.'"

    La Nación:

    "…as especially the nice 'Master', who rose to fame in his country for his participation in a reality show in which teams of beauties and geeks competed for money…The debut of the show won its time slot and was the second most watched show of the day."

    "In each of the episodes, the talented host will be accompanied by Richard Rubin, a North American who is in charge of selecting each of the words that get the contestants closer to the 100,000 pesos. Each of the words are separated in categories. Richard is in charge of selecting the categories so that the twenty first contestants discover them, write them on their screens, and in this way three of them qualify. These people not only have the possibility of continuing to play but also to win 1,000 pesos."

    Crítica de la Argentina:

    "At the end of the day, nothing really new regarding the format of the show, but things are spiced up a bit by the help of the machine 'Q', and the 'Master', Richard, a colorful character with a North American accent who selects the words. It is a very effective combination."

    La Prensa:

    "…the host was not alone, but accompanied by the 'Master,' Richard, a North American whose efforts to try to speak an Argentine Spanish was endearing. He is the contestants' ally, in that he gives clues for them to guess the secret word."

    "The host and the panelist Richard Rubin mount a cute seduction scene every Wednesday night in 'Flor de Palabra.' While she seduces him with praise and flirtatious comments, he corrects her if she speaks the language poorly…Besides the host, there is, almost like a collaborator, Richard Rubin, a twenty-first century version of 'Professor Giménez' who guides the contestants throughout the game, giving interesting facts about the words and repeating catchphrases that people will be repeating in the street."

    "Along these comedic lines, count in Richard, the personality imported from the United States, who is in charge of helping the contestants guess the secret word."

    Show de la

    "There is, for sure, an unusual element in the show that cannot be overlooked: Richard, a character who adds another type of humor…Richard is a North American, a kind of nerd, wizened, with glasses, who speaks with an accent and with a neutral Spanish, and who, moreover, is in love with Florencia. When the contestants guess, he answers them with 'Congratulations!' in a very funny way."


    Alfombra Roja:

    “He captivated our country…owing to his unusual personality, little by little he earned the affection of the other contestants and even more, of the public…is it because of his charisma, his humor, or simply his simplicity, what is true is that after leaving the reality, this 30 year-old New Yorker made the Chilean women go wild…Richard, in the little more than 5 months of being confined to the reality, proved to be one of the participants to add the touch of humor to the reality show…”

    Las Últimas Noticias 1/15/13:

    “Persistent Gringo is the Star of ‘Mundos Opuestos 2’”

    “We find charming those who try to manage Chilean Spanish in a foreign accent…that’s why it’s not at all strange that Richard Rubin shmears on the American accent in our country and becomes part of the long list of famous foreigners. Indeed, he should try to not lose his accent…”

    Las Últimas Noticias 7/9/13:

    “Richard Rubin was a runaway hit in the club…according to the owner…the show lasted 40 minutes in total, and the moment everyone went crazy was the appearance of Richard. He did better than the Longton Brothers…he presented, danced, and took a lot of photos, completely stealing the scene…”

    Sergio Nakasone, Executive Producer

    “I think he’s brilliant…he’s like this all the time, it’s not a character, he’s like this, a nutty guy always ready with a joke…he’s one of the most eccentric, crazy, and fun characters that we’ve ever cast…he is one of the ‘revelations’ of this reality show…”, ‘Richard es el Hulk en Mundos Opuestos 2’:

    “He’s the shortest and skinniest man that circulates throughout the “Hell” and “Heaven” of Pirque [filming location], he speaks strangely, and he has singular impulses, such as the latest one that saw him shaving his head and using strange wigs. He is Richard Rubin, the many that lately has become a phenomenon in “Mundos Opuestos 2,” proving wrong the image people had of him as being “the weakest,” and eliminating three of his fellow contestants in the reality.”

    “One of the oddest characters in the history of Chilean reality television…his personality arouses the curiosity of the audience…”