Richard Rubin - Piano Comedy Show

Robin Leach, Las Vegas Sun:

“Had the audience in hysterical applause…he’s winning raves for his wacky, offbeat performances”

Tony Markey, Cruise Director, Azamara Cruises:

“Ridiculously popular…great houses and great feedback from guests”

Darren Tiller, Hotel Director, Celebrity Cruises:

“He puts on an energetic and interactive show filled with music and comedy that always leaves the guests wanting more…truly talented and unique”

Bill Handel, KFI 640, Los Angeles Radio Talk Show Host:

“He’s quirky, funny, half a musical genius, he’s so damned entertaining, it’s almost hard to believe”

Mike Walsh, Royal Caribbean audience member:

“Pure magic--his music and humor are lightning in a bottle. In all my years of cruising, this is the best show I've ever seen.”

From the Las Vegas Strip, to corporate events, to luxury cruise lines… here are some highlights.