About Richard

Richard Rubin is a multilingual comedian1, pianist, and television personality2. He has starred on television shows in three countries — the United States, Chile3 and Argentina4. He was the star of the reality show “Beauty and the Geek,” in the United States, he co-hosted a gameshow in Argentina, and in Chile, he starred on the sequel of the most successful reality TV show in Chilean history, “Mundos Opuestos.”

In his piano comedy show he blends all genres of virtuoso piano music with original and hilarious comedy bits, and he performs the show regularly as a headline entertainer on major cruise lines5. Furthermore, he performs a wicked Scottish Highland Sailor’s Hornpipe dance because, he says, of the Scotch in his blood.

Richard is 5’6”6 and originally from New Jersey, USA. His travels have taken him to over 60 countries7.

1 If a joke doesn’t work he repeats the punchline in different languages until someone gets it

2 He is often mistaken for a young Marlon Brando

3 A barely noticeable strip of land in South America, so narrow that everyone there walks in single file

4 Frustrated in their ongoing territorial dispute with Britain over the Falkland Islands, they celebrate their humiliation of Chile in an annual holiday, held on the 5th of May, called “Single de File”

5 Both his shows and his cabin are standing-room only

6 He looks at least 5’7” when he’s a television personality

7 Over 57 if you don’t count Andorra, Vanuatu, and the Vatican